October 2011- present

Effect of Gastric Bypass on Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

As laboratory work for PhD Thesis.

A modified multiple gastric bypass is performed in Streptozotocin-induced diabetic porcine models aiming at correcting glycemia.

The experiment takes place at the Experimental Research Center of ELPEN


Participated as an assistant surgeon in Experimental work with Partial Liver resections in Porcine Models in Aretaion Hospital for assessment of liver regeneration.


As an assistant in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Department of Allergy, University of Athens, Prof.Papadopoulos

Worked on Detection of common viral pathogens in respiratory secretions of children using PCR and ELISA.


As a medical student worked as laboratory assistant in neurophysiology lab. Participated in the research project of the Physiology Dpt (Chief Prof.Rokyta)

“The effect of motor cortex stimulation in deafferentated rats”



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